K9 Admin

Professional Admin Support for Canine Businesses – fixed rate of £15.00 per hour

Are you finding it hard to fit in all the admin tasks that come with your canine business?

Would you rather be working with the dogs and their people than answering emails, sending out documents and responding to phone calls?

Have you thought about hiring an assistant but worried about the expense?

How about streamlining your business costs and delegating these tasks to me? I offer remote admin support specifically to dog-related businesses: behaviour consultants, trainers, day-care providers, walkers and any other dog-related enterprises.

Need a helping paw?

Why choose K9 Admin?

Although there are several virtual admin companies already offering a wide range of services, my feeling is that your business requires a straightforward set of tasks and I therefore charge a more affordable rate than many.  

My interest in dogs, canine care and training means that I have a good understanding of your business and the needs of your clients. I provide admin solely to pet-related businesses, so you receive a flexible, focused and knowledgeable service that assists you to maintain high value relationships with your clients, whether you need one or two hours a month or four or five hours a week.

Give yourself more time

Feedback from research suggests that people working in canine business, particularly trainers and behaviour consultants, struggle to find the time to manage the admin side of their work – and undoubtedly would much prefer to concentrate on the dogs than the paperwork. However, there are emails to answer, phone enquiries to deal with and documents and forms to produce. Let me lighten your load a little!