Admin Services

Admin and Organisation:

  • Checking and responding to emails
  • Answering phone enquiries and taking initial consultation information
  • Making outbound calls
  • Responding to social media messages
  • Managing schedule and booking appointments
  • Providing support to clients via email or phone between appointments (following pre-arranged guidance in line with specific procedures)
  • Sourcing and purchasing products
  • Helping with a to-do list


  • Writing articles and guides following outlines supplied
  • Preparing write-ups from notes
  • Editing and proofreading documents
  • Creating content for a website


  • Investigating a specific topic
  • Finding facts and figures

How it works:

You decide which services you need – and we agree how many hours you require to cover the tasks.


New addition to your family?

Puppies can be a handful! So can newly-arrived rescue dogs and teenage canines!

If you’re looking for support in your training so that you can really enjoy time with your new arrival, take a look at the Training page for more details. Friendly, fun and force-free classes using positive reward-based methods and 1:2:1 sessions for focused work with your pup.